Home Produced Lamb

We have been breeding and rearing lambs for many years, producing high quality, lean and flavoursome meat. As our lambs mature they enjoy the rich grazing in our fields where careful attention is paid to their health and welfare.

“Minimum Miles”

As the main lambing barn is right next to the shop many of you will have seen that when we say ‘minimum miles’ we mean it!

In the peak of condition, our lamb is prepared by a skilled local butcher in very small batches, we believe this enhances the meat in two important ways – firstly by minimizing stress and secondly, it allows us the opportunity to hang it for up to 10 days allowing a succulent flavour and texture to develop – noticeably different from mass produced meat which is usually allowed very little time to mature.

The meat is carefully prepared, vacuum packed for your convenience and enjoyment.

Generally, in season, we have fresh lamb available at weekends every couple of weeks supplemented by stock in our freezer at other times.

In the Farm shop we offer boxed half lambs which can be pre ordered with joints cut to your specification and also a selection of joints and chops.

In order to avoid disappointment and to be sure of getting exactly what you want we recommend that you place an order although we do usually have a small stock available for spur of the moment purchases.

Whole lamb prepared for spit roasting is also available by arrangement.

Price is subject to seasonal variation. We will be happy to advise you of the current price on request at any time

Half Lamb Box

1 leg – either whole or 2 half legs
1 shoulder – either whole or 2 half shoulders
Loin chops
Chump chops
Neck fillets – 1 whole