Country Store

Associated with our Animal Feed Store, the Country Store stocks a wide range of wood shavings and alternative animal bedding products as well as a useful range of everyday essentials for the health and wellbeing of your animals

Many stable supplies not in stock are promptly available to order and our range is customer lead and constantly increasing – just tell us what you want!

Stable Equipment

Brooms, forks, gloves, haynets, tack care, hoof picks,
disinfectants, pest control…

Horsewear and Basics

Head collars, lead ropes, grazing muzzles, fly masks, saddlecloths, numnahs, overreach boots, gloves, waterproofers, high vis…


Barrows, bins, troughs, feeders, fixings, shovels, rakes, buckets…

Hotline Electric Fencing

Fencing posts, energisers, tapes, wires and fixings in stock and to order

Health & First Aid Essentials

Bandages, dressings, mud fever applications, antiseptics,
parasite applications, insecticides, lotions and potions…

Grooming Supplies

Brushes, sponges, plaiting bands, shampoos, fly repellents, hoof care preparations…

poultry sheep keeping supplies

Poultry and Sheep Keeping Supplies

Lotions, potions, feeders, lambing sundries

For your Dog

Beds, toys, grooming, first aid…

poultry sheep keeping supplies