Many years of experience combined with the use of modern techniques and equipment have ensured that, without the use of additives, we can consistently supply high quality haylage which is now the forage of choice for many of owners, suiting horses and ponies across the spectrum from those doing little or no work to those competing at higher levels as part of a balanced feeding regime.

Our haylage is made from grass grown specifically for haylage production using specialist grass seed mix, re-sown on a two year cycle to ensure quality is maintained.

After drying to achieve the correct level of dry matter, grass is baled and sealed in airtight plastic enabling a fermentation process to occur, naturally inhibiting fungal growth. The result is dust free forage with a negligible spore count reducing the likelihood of respiratory problems and providing the optimum amount of protein and digestible fibre whilst retaining significant levels of vitamins and micronutrients.

Haylage is very palatable and ideally, should be fed ad lib but owners may need to take into account grazing, exercise and supplementary feeding. Typically, haylage can be expected to keep up to 7 days after opening but would be best used within 4 or 5 days if the weather is hot.

Bales are offered in varying shapes and sizes through the season and our own production of haylage is supplemented by a variety of branded alternatives.


Home Grown Haylage

Large Square Ryegrass Haylage – 1.2m approx 180-200kg
Large Square Ryegrass Haylage – 1.2m approx 400kg+
Small White Wrap Haylage

Branded Haylage

Marksway Horsehage
Kent Haylage Co (KHC)
Baillie Haylage

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